Vlad Martins, a 2nd Camera Assistant, Film loader and a Red Camera DIT with ever increasing experience has worked with several Film/HD cameras & the new Red Camera System.

Although an assistant, Vlad can also shoot 2nd Unit camera operator

Among his credits include MTV, Nokia, Adidas, BBC, Samsung and many others.
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ARRI LTCAM, SR3, 435, 416, AATON 16
HDCAM, Sony F900, Sony 790, Sony 750p, Panasonic HPX500, Panasonic HVX200
Red Camera, SI2K
ARRI FF3/FF4, MB16, MB14, MB19, MB20.
Ronford, Satchler and O'Connor's Tripod Heads .
Super Chapman Peewee Dolly, PD1 Dolly, Spider Dolly.
Fully Computer literate, MAC/PC, Final Cut, After Effects, Red Software